The 1st International Conference & Exhibition for Nanopia
Plenary Speakers
Youngah Park
President of KISTEP
L. Jay Guo
University of Michigan
Tutorial Lecturer
Tutorial Session 1 (3DPrinting) Tutorial Session 2 (Nanophotonics)
Prof. L. Jay Guo(University of Michigan) Prof. Jin Kang(Johns Hokins University)
Title - Speed up Nanopatterning: from high-throughput mechanical imprinting to continuous roll to roll processes Title - Image and Sensor Guided Smart Surgical Technologies
Tutorial Session 3 (3DPrinting) Tutorial Session 4 (Nanophotonics)
Prof. Hak Soo Choi(Harvard University) Prof. Kyujung Kim(Pusan National University)
Title - 3D Bioprinting and Regenerative Medicine Title - Nanoplasmonics for biological sensing and imaging

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